Type: Direct-Hire

Category: Scientific & Clinical

Job ID: 150954

Date Posted: 04/22/2020

Title:  Quality Assurance Inspector 
Hours:  Full Time, M-F
Location:  Oxford, CT area

Manufactured Finished Product labels
  • Request finished product labels, check count and accuracy of printed labels
  • Verify proper documentation of equipment cleaning
  • Record and check cleaning logs daily, inform relevant personnel of missing or wrong documentation
  • Equipment cleaning validation using CHARM instrument
  • Collect swab of cleaned equipment surface for testing 
  • Run CHARM cleaning validation test on a daily basis
  • Document results on CHARM cleaning log
  • When results from testing are out of specification, direct production personnel to repeat cleaning
  • Perform CHARM cleaning calibration once a month to ensure instrument working correctly. 
  • Change sign status on machinery “dirty”, “clean” or “in process” when a product is being processed in the machine or room.  
  • Perform daily calibration on:
  • Production scales
  • Analytical scales
  • Metal detector 
  • Perform monthly calibration on the moisture balance
  • Monitor the temperature and humidity in the warehouse and production areas.
  • Report any out of specification results to the QA Manager. 
  • Finished Product and raw material status 
  • Place Approved stickers on raw materials and finished products after Quality Control testing
  • Place Reject stickers on rejected raw materials and ensure they are placed in Reject area
  • Place Hold stickers on returned products and raw materials and ensure they are placed in Hold location.    
  • Oversee the sanitation program of the facility acting as the Sanitation Supervisor.
  • Perform sanitation inspections and record your findings on the sanitation checklist once a week
  • Report any nonconformances to the QA Manager
  • Perform environmental microbial swab testing once a week.
  • Collect water samples once a month for microbial testing 
  • Incoming raw materials
  • Collect retain samples 
  • Perform FTIR identification testing to confirm material composition 
  • Apply “Approved” labels and barcodes to raw materials. 
  • Barcode scan approved material.
  • In-process testing
  • Perform prescreen particle size testing and % moisture as needed. 
  • Samples 
  • Collect finished product retain samples
  •  Assist Quality Control with maintaining the sample log/ sample rack
  • Other duties as assigned    
  • Associate’s and/or Trade Degree is Preferred.  High School Diploma is required.  
  • 3+ years of related experience in a manufacturing/distribution preferred. 
  • Experience w/ review product labels, equipment cleaning, scale calibrations, moisture balance, particle size testing
  • Perform work while standing for most of the day. 
  • Must be highly organized and comfortable with computers (Email, Barcoding technology, and Microsoft Office).  
  • Valid driver’s license.  Forklift Certification is preferred.  
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