Journeyman Tool Repairman

San Antonio, TX

Type: Contract

Category: Industrial & Manufacturing

Compensation Range: 41.88 Per Hour

Job ID: 154363

Date Posted: 07/29/2020

Journeyman Tool Repairman

San Antonio, TX

System One is currently seeking a Journeyman Tool Repairman on a 6-month contract position located in San Antonio, TX.

Journeyman Tool Repairman Responsibilities:

  • A Journeyman Tool Repairman is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all portable type power tools that are used by company employees
  • The types of tools that are frequently repaired by the Tool Repairman are tools that are electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or gas-powered tools, to include cordless and various other types of tools that are specific to that area or department
  • This position requires that the repairman be knowledgeable in performing various types of maintenance on tools such as, impact wrenches, chain saws, air tampers, paving breakers, clay spades, hydraulic jacks, pole jacks, submersible pumps, generators, carbon blade saws, drilling machines, hydraulic presses, hydraulic shoring tools, chain hoist, pneumatic hoists, pneumatic tunneling tools, stoppeling tools, beveling, and drilling machines that are used by the gas construction area, grass cutting equipment, gravely tractors and attachments, and the monthly testing, recalibrating all of the SENSIT GOLD CGI’s and other tools used by our Gas Solutions personnel out in the field
  • Research and order all parts required in order to maintain and repair tools that are in need of repair
  • Repair, maintain, and rebuild if necessary all pneumatic type powered tools
  • Repair, maintain, and rebuild if necessary all large impact wrenches + drills used by the power generation + overhead construction areas
  • Repair, maintain, and rebuild if necessary all gas powered generators, pumps, and submersible pumps
  • Repair + maintain all Mc Elroy equipment used for fusing plastic pipe including heating irons, facing machines, portable carriers and fusion units for the Gas Department
  • Repair, maintain, and rebuild if necessary all hydraulic type jacks that vary in size from 5 to 50 ton jacks, including pole jacks that are used by the overhead construction area
  • Repair, + maintain most gas sensitive equipment used for leak detection out in the field
  • Repair + maintain all types of tools used for tunneling, tampering, and paving purposes
  • Repair + maintain all gas powered chain saws and street saws
  • Repair + maintain all cordless type of hand tools used by various areas at the company

Journeyman Tool Repairman Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • This position requires that the employee be capable of reading, writing, and understanding instructions
  • The position requires that the employee have basic computer skills, in order to research and place orders for needed parts and material in the area
  • Employee will be required to work in a shop environment and be capable of operating machinery
  • Special Skills, Background and Training: This position requires that the employee be knowledgeable, experienced, and proficient in the repair of manual or power type hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or gasoline powered tools and equipment
  • This position requires that the employee work continuously with his hands and be capable of reading and understanding schematics and parts breakdown schemes, in order to repair most tools that arrive in the shop for repair
  • Vocational or technical school will be beneficial to the employee
  • Please be aware company contractors may be required to drive to other company locations using their personal vehicle during their assignment
  • We are unable to submit 3rd party candidates or those who require VISA sponsorship

Duration: 6-months

Location: San Antonio, TX

Pay Rate: $41.88/HR