Railcar Technician

New Haven, Connecticut

Type: Contract-to-Hire

Category: Industrial & Manufacturing

Compensation Range: 20.00 Per Hour

Job ID: 145670

Date Posted: 10/10/2019


A Rail Car Technician performs work efficiently in at least two (2) of the four assignment areas identified below.  Rail Car Technicians must be multi-crafted in order to perform basic work assignments in any of the four assignment areas identified below. 

Mechanical:           Performs metal finishing efficiently and properly.  Efficiently sets up all work on a rail car from drawings, procedures, and written and verbal instructions.  Makes production aids such as templates and hand jigs to assist work.  In addition, performs acceptable repairs on any material.  Builds jigs, fixtures, and other production time--saving devices from drawings.   Uses hand and power (electrical and pneumatic) tools, efficiently.

Electrical: Efficiently assembles wire harnesses and terminates wire ends.  From drawings can efficiently route cable or wire in complex areas such as cabs, electric lockers, or train line boxes.  Has a working knowledge of electrical schematics and can troubleshoot miswires.  Performs soldering to make wire connections.

Machine Operation: From drawings or instructions performs all aspects of machine work from layout to finished parts, including acceptable repairs.  Efficiently sets up and operates all machinery and tooling in metal fabrication shop.


Brazing/Welding: Performs mock-ups of all pipe, tube, or conduit from piping schematics in a rail car and performs repairs on it.  Makes jigs for spot welding aids such as templates, clamping fixtures, etc.  Does troubleshooting of spot welding problems.  Efficiently brazes copper-to-copper or dissimilar metals.  From drawings, procedures, or mock-ups, can bend pipe, tube, or conduit.  Is capable of setting up a welder to perform proper welds.  Efficiently assembles and installs pipe, tube, or conduit on rail cars from drawings.  Efficiently cuts, deburrs, and threads pipe, tube, or conduit.  Operates spot welding machine efficiently with minimal supervision.

Job Specifications: Must have at minimum three (3) years work experience in a mechanical field. Must know how to use safely and correctly hand and power tools.  Must be able to read, write, and speak English.  Must be able to interpret drawings/blueprints.  Must be proficient in English measurement system and be able to learn the Metric measurement system within a specified period of time.  Must be capable of working in an active manufacturing environment, be able to climb stairs and ladders, and be able to lift, push, or pull at maximum of 40 pounds