Type: Direct-Hire

Category: Transportation

Compensation Range: 54371.00 Yearly

Job ID: 154460

Date Posted: 09/16/2020

Fleet Mechanic
Location:Delaware City, Delaware
Direct Hire/Permanent

Must demonstrate capability of accomplishing mandated test and inspection events outlined in 49 CFR 180 Subpart E
Must possess a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), Class A with X endorsement to move tractors and trailers between the garage and the facility.


Must be capable and competent in carrying out preventive maintenance tasks in order to assure fleet vehicles operate without unnecessary faults and in a safe proper fashion.  Further, must be capable and competent in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing faulty equipment.  Specifically:
The following list delineates the duties and responsibilities:

  1. Must review all executed Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports daily and respond to noted conditions.
  2. Must troubleshoot, diagnose and repair faulty equipment
  3. Must accomplish inspections and service events when directed by Company Management.
  4. Must conduct housekeeping and caretaker duties in shop.
  5. Must maintain records of accomplished tasks and return requested documentation to  Company Management.
  6. Must respond to vehicle emergencies, which may require travelling to a vehicle or the plant for a roadside repair.
  7. Must respond to the Company request to move equipment between the plant and the shop and vice versa.
  8. Conduct brake and tire inspections as directed.
  9. Maintain records of accomplished task and return such documentation daily to management