Assistant Facility Coordinator

Baxley, Georgia

Type: Contract

Category: Energy

Job ID: 149899

Date Posted: 02/12/2020

Job Location (site):  Plant Hatch, Baxley GA


Work Environment: Mix of office setting and industrial work site/construction site. There will be office work plus field oversight work. 50% office inside work and 50% exterior in field oversight.


Desired Qualifications:  3 to 5 years’ experience in the Management/Supervision of the Construction/Installation/Refurbishment of Facility Projects at Nuclear Power Plants with Southern Company/Southern Nuclear.  This includes projects associated with upgrading and maintaining site facilities (including long range planning) for architectural, civil, mechanical or electrical facility improvements and modifications.  Experience in the supervision of these types of projects is expected.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

Assist in the Development/Maintenance of the project documents, stakeholder register, budget cost estimate worksheet, risk register, project status reports, lifecycle schedule Input as part of the overall project plan.

- Assist the Project Manager and Site Stakeholders in the development, planning and implementation Project Management of Facility Projects.

- Participating in progress meetings, walk downs, and other stakeholder meetings and activities related to assigned projects.

- Responsible part of the project team to meet planning milestones and readiness assessments as per applicable procedures.


Physical Requirements:  Walkdowns, ladder climbing, and uneven surfaces will be a typical part of the project.


The overall project is a yearly reoccurring project.  This assignment period is for 12 months.