Type: Contract

Category: Industrial & Manufacturing

Job ID: 154398

Date Posted: 07/30/2020

Existing R&D projects, as well as some Product Care projects, require support for component and/or complete unit testing and evaluation. Such tests require local Technician to coordinate testing in terms of test object assembly, set-up and maintenance of facilities.

Main Accountabilities:

1. Ensuring safety personnel and lab equipment / facilities.
2. Assemble test objects for component and/or complete testing at local and external facilities.
3. Material handling and organization in R&D warehouse.
4. Perform maintenance activities of lab facilities and lab test equipment.
5. Support R&D testing at external facilities, domestic and foreign.
6. Support R&D and Production testing at factory location, as needed.
7. Maintain and manage assigned tools.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience:

1. Minimum two (2) year degree in mechanical technology or similar.
2. Proficient in reading and interpreting part and assembly drawings.
3. Three (3) years, minimum, in assembly of circuit breakers or similar products.
4. Detail oriented, organized and self-motivated.