R&D Technologist

Teterboro, NJ

Type: Contract

Category: Scientific & Clinical

Job ID: 147880

Date Posted: 12/02/2019

Title:  R&D Technologist

Hours:  Full Time, M-F

Location:  Teterboro, NJ area


  • Maintain and develop extraction, formulation and drying technologies of bioactive molecules. Works collaboratively with various departments on the development new ingredients and improvement of existing products using a project management approach. Responsible for documentation and processes related to new product development.
  • Carry on laboratory experiments to development new products in response to a commercial brief or to improve the process and formulation of products.
  • Conduct extractions, formulations and drying the extracts of laboratory experiments. 
  • Calculate yields and understand measurement of phytoactive compounds.
  • Analyze results and write reports.
  • Maintain and improve the proper functions of the laboratory. 
  • Assist R&D manager with Project management 
  • Develop new products taking into account customers’ requirements and regulatory constraints of dietary supplements.
  • Collaborate and communicate with the different teams to make the pre-checks and assess feasibility
  • Transcribe and validate proper documentation for the customer: Technical data Sheets, production process …
  • Ensure traceability through documentation in lab book, technical reports and in the company database.
  • Performs analysis on products & evaluates various test results.
  • Troubleshoots issues 
  • Perform the analytical tests, review the results and create the documents for test results. 
  • Provide technical information, perform analysis and read scientific information to help answer technical questions to assist customers and internal teams
  • Develop and formulate new products in the lab from raw materials. 
  • Write documents enabling the traceability of results obtained in laboratory experiments (Lab logbook in particular)
  • Write up documents pertaining to product development: specification sheets, formulation sheets, flow chart, ingredient statement.             
  • Develop and carry on laboratory tests to analyze phytochemicals and physicochemical properties in raw materials, new products and existing products (UV spectrometry, titration, density, pH, moisture, ashes…)
  • Interpret analytical data, critically assess the validity of the results, using literature data if necessary and write the corresponding analytical report 
  • Prepare technical answers to support the sales and internal teams
  • Bring any malfunctions to attention and ensure the proper functioning of the lab equipment
  • Ensure proper storage and cleaning and contribute to the correct functioning of the lab.
  • Responsible for respecting HACCP rules set by the company and the lab manager, participate in writing lab SOPs and wearing PPEs at all time


  • BS Chemistry or Food Science Preferred
  • 1-2 years experience w/ specification development and raw materials analysis
  • Basic Knowledge of UV, particle size analysis, pH testing, and taking measurements
  • Experience w/ extractions a plus
  • Knowledge of HPLC a plus

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